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Hello, I'm new
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Snowy White has visited my place. It looks great snow everywhere Love it !
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Time to get this place back on track
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Hi, I'm new
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Thanks James. I noticed that post already
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Whats wrong with the index page ? The complete layout is out of order ...
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* James drops by
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I'm completely new to using SAM Boardcaster, so please forgive me for my ignorance. I'm using SAM Broadcaster PRO, running on a Windows 10 computer. I bought a Benhringer Xyenx 1622 usb mixer and I've want to connect my mixer to SAM. I've figured out how to communicate the audio that I'm running off of SAM to my mixer, however I can't seem to figure out how to get my mixer to communicate with SAM -- meaning, when I speak with my microphone (which is, obviously, connected to my mixer) I can't get SAM to pick up the audio coming from my microphone or rather my mixer. What am I doing wrong?
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I do not have a website
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happy thanksgiving from Ja Irie Radio ,, USA
New 20:31
Phat Beats Radio with a new stream host
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Hey all!
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Bonjour et bienvenue Vieira
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hello from France !
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Hey guys, just wanted to say hello, my first day here
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* James jumps in
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Hey roc, post something in the forums and we can take a look
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how to get my stream working
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Please make a new forum post. This chatbox is for small talk only.
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Yes James RAG-FM is still goimg strong
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Ughhh migraines sucks :(, I am havin a yucky one atm
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