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Bonjour et bienvenue Vieira
New 17:57
hello from France !
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Hey guys, just wanted to say hello, my first day here
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New 06:48
* James jumps in
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New 03:27
Hey roc, post something in the forums and we can take a look
New 20:15
how to get my stream working
New 12:41
Please make a new forum post. This chatbox is for small talk only.
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New 22:14
Yes James RAG-FM is still goimg strong
New 05:29
Ughhh migraines sucks :(, I am havin a yucky one atm
New 00:25
RAG FM still up and running?
New 00:25
Hows things?
New 00:21
Hi James
New 00:15
Morning all!
New 23:34
Hey Johny c!
New 23:23
New 06:21
Cool, ty James
New 06:11
Bit of a temporary theme change. The header and footer will change when we launch the new BW in a few months time. So keep an eye out.
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New 02:40
Preparing for the new BW
New 02:39
Sorry for the downtime, just upgraded the forum
New 14:56
Love the site, very informative!! Thank you fir being here to help when you can with our questions
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