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    Internet Broadcast help requested

    Hi all
    I used to stream an internet tv talk show on ustream 5 yrs ago and looking to get back into broadcasting my shows but dont know if theres any i can try or look at that are free to broadcast or give an extended trial that after a long while if you have to pay up its not ridiculous.

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    Youtube live is free.

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    YouTube live broadcasting is free. Twitch might suit your needs as well.
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    Ustream is still around, but it is way different and with so many people on it, it can be hard to get viewers on.

    Aside from Youtube and Twitch, there are a ton of growing, completely free ones. The couple I personally use these days are: http://www.youlivenow.tv/ and http://vaughnlive.tv/ .

    There are hundreds of completely free streaming sites out there these days though. I would recommend trying to google free live streaming sites, try out various ones until you find the one that works best for you.
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    There is an awesome free app to stream at YouTube called "Live On YouTube"
    It has a setting private or public, and you can stream in HD 720 or lower
    Quality of the footage and color is amazing
    Setup is also piece of cake ... If you have a YouTube account, login to the app with your account + pass
    Go to youtube.com/live_dashboard ... choose "Live Streaming" > "Stream now" > insert details
    In fact there is no need to download setup software, once you've activated the free stream app, your YouTube channel is ready to broadcast

    Give it a try !
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