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    some help requested on usb mixer

    Hi all its been a while,
    my old usb mixer died a few years ago and i find myself finally looking to get a new usb mixer i can connect to my laptop and/or desktop via usb so all audio interview via skype and blogtalkradio play thru the the broadcast. i require 1 mic and headphone jack for myself and when i do something live and need 1-2 mics i would either need the jacks or a splitter to plug 2 mics into 1 port. now im looking via amazon right now to see whats available but i have a very limited budget roughly i can only afford $100 max so less is better. i rarely do stuff live tho where i need a second and or third mic so if anything can use splitter to split 1 mic jack to use 2 mics
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    I've used this edirol box for nearly ten years and it's still serving me well, even on the newest macbook pro.

    There is probably a newer model available now.
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