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    Senate Commerce Committee Approves LPFM Bill

    The Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday has approved the Local Community Radio Act, which would direct the FCC to modify its rules to do away with third-adjacent minimum separation requirement for most FMs, potentially clearing the way for hundreds of new low-power FM stations.

    The House version of the bill has already passed in the Commerce Committee, so the next stop will be votes in the full House and Senate.

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    So, would this change, and allow individuals to obtain a LPFM license? I have been trying to find an organization and/or non profit to sponsor a LPFM station for my community! It's crazy! lol

    Jon Bova

    "Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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    If you could post the link maybe we could read more about it? I am very interested in starting a community radio.

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