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  1. how many microphones do you have?
  2. best microphone
  3. what do the pro's use?
  4. Adobe Audition Alternative for Mac
  5. [Discuss] PC or MAC?
  7. Custom mic cases?
  8. Some great microphones
  9. is SM57 really made for recording vocals????
  10. Which Microphones should i get? Rode NT1000 / NT1a?
  11. Mic For Voiceover?
  12. Good condensor microphones under $300
  13. Best RODE Mic For Vocals?
  14. What to look for when buying a vocal mic?
  15. Your Recording/Broadcasting Computer Specs!
  16. What was your first microphone?
  17. YOUR mic cabinet?
  18. Using multiple mics...
  19. Pirated software...
  20. Whats your most used microphone?
  21. Lets find the most expensive microphone!
  22. AKG Peception Series
  23. SE Mics
  24. DIY Condensor Mic!
  25. Mixing Software (Like Audacity)
  26. Broadcasting gear getting cheaper?
  27. Probably the best researched microphone site you'll ever find.
  28. Gear Wanted / Gear For Sale / Trade
  29. sung imaging
  30. Do Jingles Matter?
  31. Length of your idents/jingles...
  32. Sung Or Spoken Jingles?
  33. Dynamic or Condenser? FM Studio
  34. Pictures of my home studio
  35. Station Imaging Terminology?
  36. Whats best? A deep voice or a perfectly toned voice?
  37. What encourages you to do imaging?
  38. Do some production companies "over-do" it?
  39. Capital 95.8 Gets New Jingles
  40. Microphone/Mixer Stuff
  41. Great deal for UK Radios
  42. Annoying Jingles?
  43. Editing Software
  44. Bidding System
  45. Sung Jingles
  46. Introducing bodalgo - The new voice over market place
  47. What do you recommend for a mixer?
  48. New toys
  49. Is an e-mail address one word?
  50. This blew me away
  51. New look for the website
  52. Are you partnered with any stations?
  53. Pro Tools iLok key not compatible with HASP keys?
  54. Windows XP Software to Vista?
  55. Sound recording issue
  56. New toys MK2
  57. USB Recording Interface
  58. Female jazz image voice demo needed
  59. Need Suggestions: Headphones Broke
  60. Need to pick all your brains for slogan/branding ideas.
  61. Imaging Pricing
  62. a couple of cents
  63. How much should I charge?
  64. Ambiance welcomes our official station voice, Amie Breedlove
  65. Jingles?
  66. Are you a Sole Trader?
  67. My Studio and Recording Booth
  68. Something worth discussing...
  69. how to build microphone arm for less than $20
  70. What kind of equipment you use for recording and mastering VO's?
  71. Hi guys anychance of a few ideas with this script ?
  72. 2 AKG Perception 120 Studio Condenser mic's FOR SALE
  73. Heres a thought .
  74. Whats your idea ??
  75. Repetitive ID ... repetitive ID...
  76. some pointers
  77. Banners
  78. Attn Users from USA: Professional Audio Retailers
  79. Oh no, another mic thread!
  80. What is a Compressor...
  81. What is the minimal equipment for voice overs?
  82. Just A Reminder
  83. I guess it's a "jingle" question...
  84. Found this: portable interview audio recorder!
  85. Help! Can you identify this mic?
  86. Need help and equipment recording phone interview thru computer and USB mic
  87. Can any of you guys help me?
  88. Hey Guys... What do you all think of this?
  89. USB Audio Interface
  90. I need help deciding if I should choose a digital mixer or a standard mixer.
  91. The Truth About Voice Over Artists
  92. wHEre's the best place online to buy a mixer
  93. Help with USB mic
  94. What Microphone should I get?
  95. how do I become A voice over pro for broadcasting world.net?
  96. voice over Guide
  97. Do you think I'm charging too much, or too little?
  98. Questions for the pros
  99. Power Sound Editior
  100. Stupid gear question- soundboards
  101. Behringer quality/reliability
  102. Video: Vocal Track Prep: Radio Production
  103. Kiss Fm
  104. Looking to upgrade studio equipment
  105. Spoken Words
  106. Plugins?!
  107. Community Announcement
  108. International VO Rates
  109. Adobe Audition or Cool Edit?
  110. Shure Sm7b
  111. Templates - Please Help
  112. Serving The Universe....
  113. Australian Voiceover Artists
  114. British "Telephone" Voice Effect
  115. Processing
  116. HOW MAKE stutter effect
  117. Behringer-VMX100-DJ-Pro-Mixer
  118. Problem with Adobe Audition 2.0
  119. Worst Voiceover/Production Client?
  120. Where can I get Sound effects for my voice over ?
  121. Cheap Voice Over :)
  122. Protools vs Audition
  123. Station IDs and Station Imaging - What to say?
  124. Female Australian Voice over
  125. Adobe Audition - I Could Sure use Your Opinions.
  126. Adobe Audition V4
  127. HTML 5 Audio Tag
  128. Adobe Audition User Forum - Audio Masters Forum - Not Adobe's
  129. What am I doing wrong?
  130. Faffcon 2010
  131. Mixers
  132. MXL 990 Anyone use one?
  133. Soundtech Series A Info required please
  134. Help! [Focusrite] Voicemaster Pro - Signal keeps cutting off
  135. Samplitude V10 Pro Crossgrade
  136. Internal computer noise
  137. Promo/Voice Over needing critiquing
  138. Sources for Adobe Audition v 3.0 and Prep services
  139. Voices.com and Voice123.com (avoid like the plague)
  140. Reaper Audio Editing Software
  141. What Headphones Do YOU use?
  142. Anyone use a Keyboard here?
  143. Best recording mic
  144. Audio Processing & Compressor/Limiters HELP Here!
  145. Sonovox plugin for Audacity
  146. Button Playback
  147. any recomendations for a good computer mic
  148. Now here's some voiceover !
  149. im in need of this
  150. Help with recording a voice over
  151. Mic tube preamp
  152. Help! - Radio Jingles
  153. In Need of Constructive Criticism/Advice
  154. Beheringer 2100 w/ Shure KSM32 + Logic
  155. Fake Radio Shows
  156. USB Mic Any Good?
  157. Adobe Audition 3.0 Effects
  158. Guide For Creating Effective Internet Audio Commercials
  159. New material
  160. Station ID requests and a great opportunity to enhance your demo reel.
  161. Imaging Production Workshops
  162. sams 4.2
  163. Check This Voice
  164. Russian Voice Over
  165. If anyone needs anything....
  166. Free Music Beds
  167. Stadium Announcer Voice
  168. Lost voice. Help me find it!
  169. Looking for music loops
  170. How do artists call an "artist drop" ?...
  171. Production Help
  172. Voice Help Required
  173. Ok, this is my voice to prove to GKi
  174. Ok so Is this good??
  175. Voice Only Roles For My New Comedy Webseries...Should I?
  176. More broadcasts
  177. Another broadcast from mexico
  178. Taking A Break
  179. Little voice over shout needed (grindhouse like)
  180. Wanted: chart countdown
  181. Talented Djs required for Instore Music Solutions Radio
  182. Introduction To Broadcast Station Imaging
  183. Live voice broadcast from Android phone.. wich app?
  184. New Station Promo's and ID's
  185. Reward for unknown voice identity
  186. New Broadcasting Guide
  187. Jingles en argentina
  188. demo voice Javier Gamboa Español
  189. Help me artist drops
  190. What do you thing??
  191. How do they find you?
  192. SAM Br. & Skype
  193. Radio FXS
  194. Voice over for tamilmelisai.com - south indiam radio station
  195. Looking for a new radio station slogan
  196. Ichthus Weather
  197. A couple from scratch
  198. New Trance needing VO/Liners
  199. Promo for my college radio show
  200. Dry Voice Swap
  201. Beds and Beats
  202. Imaging tips and tricks
  203. All night Music production
  204. Music from the heart
  205. Cool Edit Pro help!!
  206. Then & Now: Forum members moving on to bigger things
  207. Dry vo production
  208. Jingle
  209. Looking for a singer
  210. Sung imaging & jingles
  211. i need a voice over
  212. Need a voice only for two words
  213. Generic Jingle Intro
  214. voice over anychance please
  215. Imaging & Music Beds
  216. Looking for radio staton theme idea
  217. Just bought Focusrite DSP Suite.....
  218. VO scraps
  219. Another Question
  220. Looking for multi-national promos & station IDs in native tongues!
  221. Jingle Needed for my station
  222. Looking for Voice Over samples
  223. Radio Elements
  224. Your opinion please
  225. Critique Please
  226. play list methods
  227. Sennheiser 431-II = Must have.
  228. Found a nice jingle; can somebody identify a specific type of sound?
  229. New jingle needed
  230. Looking for station IDs,, Nothing fancy, not picky
  231. A DRY read as VOCODER ID ? (limited free offer)
  232. New jingle needed 4 a Hip Hop station
  233. Request For Station Drop
  234. looking for someone to do a few dry reads
  235. Dry read please
  236. New Station - Need Content
  237. Hiya looking for a few jingles for my hospital radio show please
  238. How to make a similar effect in Audacity?
  239. How can i produce my own jingles?
  240. Looking for british female voice talent
  241. Free downloads for the forum I love
  242. Your advise on a script please.
  243. Radio Imaging
  244. Why not to interview crazy people
  245. How i can do this voice effect
  246. Stock Music - Production Elements
  247. Professional VO and imaging service
  248. Soft for watermarking
  249. Free Imaging FX!
  250. Collegiate FX, the first student designed FX package is out now!