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06-05-2011, 09:18 PM
AndHow Web Radio - World-class, always eclectic, indie, alternative, modern rock, retro and more internet radio since 1998 and on 107.5 AndHow FM Porirua Harbour/Pauahautanui Inlet, New Zealand!

Reverend Aquaman and the motley crew that are The AndHow Web Radio Air Force are still jamming the free world, one person at a time. Proof that you can't keep a good thing down, with over 5 million listeners from 140+ countries since 1998. Originally, a dream that was realized while we were broadcasting from laptops and lawn chairs, high a-top the Rainbow Bridge in Bridge City, Texas. We have ended up on our journey, over 12 years later in Papakowhai, New Zealand. Veterans of independent, commercial-free, internet radio now securely established deep in the studio bunker...in the new, world headquarters for AndHow.

AndHow Web Radio was 'socially interacting' in the 'cloud' even before the Dot.com crash of the early 2000's. Once taking our requests via ICQ and by e-mail, streaming to the world via dial-up internet in the days BEFORE broadband. We were able to make a very big world seem like a very cozy place to live.

Today, we are still socially interacting with the world via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Skype and our website. We still love to bring new music to fans all over the world. We still take your requests and help you to personalize a mix that we know you will love making as much as we do.

Now, if you feel like you are ready for something different....click the WEBSITE link below and we can show you that not all you see on the surface is all there is. Often imitated, but never duplicated...ANDHOW WEB RADIO! :voiceover: