View Full Version : Stream101 has released the Pro-Tools package! Mobile Streaming & a NEW Flash Player!

10-02-2011, 11:06 PM
I'm extremely pleased to announce another improvement to the already outstanding services that Stream101 offers! The launch of our Pro-Tools!

Here is some information regarding the new changes.

Mobile Streaming App!
Stream101 has been researching the implementation of true mobile SHOUTcast and ICEcast Streaming, and after several months and many dollars later, we are about ready to release our Stream101 Mobile App. Right now the app currently works with Blackberry, Android, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and Symbian based phones. The app is specially designed for touch-based phones! More details about this are outlined below.

Flash-Based Player

Stream101 will also be launching a brand-new Flash-based popup player. This is a highly requested new feature as our old player does NOT work with ICEcast while this new player does. (Provided you are streaming an MP3 format). The new flash based player will feature Now Playing information (now playing works with both ICEcast and SHOUTcast).

Stream101 Pro-Tools

The above features will be launched as a part of a new package offered to all Stream101 clients called the Stream101 Pro-Tools package. This will be available for all Stream101 Streaming Clients and even those who are not clients of Stream101. The catch? The Pro-Tools package will be 100% FREE to all Current and Future Stream101 Clients, however a small fee will be charged for those who wish to use our package with another stream provider. This will allow the continued development of the Pro-Tools. We will also have a Paid version of the Pro-Tools that can be CUSTOM BRANDED for your particular station/application!

Mobile App Cost

Basic Package - Free for all Stream101 Clients. It will contain our logo somewhere and our copyright information.
Brand-Free Package - $2.00/Month. We will remove our logo from the pro-tools. The copyright information will remain in-tact.
Custom-Brand Package - $5.00/Month. We remove our logo and replace it with yours. The copyright will be changed to your station/company name. A custom URL can be obtained if desired.
Non-Customers - Rates and full details can be found here: http://www.stream101.com/mobile.php
All packages will be hosted on our high-quality web servers.

Full Pro-Tools details can be found here: http://www.stream101.com/pro.php

We thank-you for being part of the Stream101 Family (maybe even joining :P)and we hope to continue to spoil our clients with GREAT features!