View Full Version : Boxx Meridian Portable SD/HD Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

01-04-2013, 11:23 AM
I have literally brand new Boxx Meridian zero delay portable system for sale. Used on a few projects, has no marks, dents or anything, looks like brand new, fully working, tested. Comes with all accessories, spares.

Package includes:

1 x Boxx Meridian HD transmitter (3000 at Boxx)
5 x ANT104 5GHz antennas for TX (4 + 1 spare)
1 x CBL101 BNC to BNC cable for TX
1 x CBL104 Analogue audio cable for TX

1 x Boxx Meridian HD receiver (5500 at Boxx)
6 x ANT102 5GHz antennas for RX (5 + 1 spare)
1 x CBL101 BNC to BNC cable for RX
1 x CBL111 XLR to hirose cable for power supplies
1 x CBL114 Analogue audio cable for RX

In addition I will include some parts that are optional but you will receive them at no cost as I have no use of them once system is sold.

1 x Additional power supply for Meridian TX/RX (Worth 80.00 at Boxx)
1 x CBL111 XLR to Hirose cable (Worth 80.00 at Boxx)
1 x CBL103 2-Pin D-Tap to 4 pin Hirose power cable (Worth 80 at Boxx)
2 x Sets of Anton Bauer battery plates, so you can easily swap between Sony V-Lok and Anton Bauer (Worth 300 at Boxx)

The Boxx price for this kit comes to: 9040.00

Please PM me or email me with price offers for this system. Also if you need any more information do let me know.
I will only ship this system out after full payment and only with well known courier with fully traceable service.

Email: steadi.hughs@gmail.com

Picture of this actual system is attached to this post.