View Full Version : IRIE BLOCK PARTY Intros

02-12-2013, 01:40 AM
So I host the only English-language program at my radio station here in Palau, and I'm always looking for interesting new intro ideas...

The show is called the IRIE BLOCK PARTY with OH SHA! Obviously, the focus is on reggae music. Reggae from throughout the Pacific Rim is quite popular, though I play just about everything under the REGGAE genre.

(Not particularly big on dancehall and reggaeton, but that's more because the show's more about the laid-back-i-live-on-a-tiny-island-paradise feel...)

I'm attaching the last two intros I used for the show... 895 & 896

I'd love some constructive critiques, advice, ideas, what-have-you...

:thumbup: Thanks all! :thumbup: