View Full Version : Icecast2/Mpd set stream url for dir.xiph.org

11-25-2014, 04:38 AM
Hmm having no luck tying to get the stream title on dir.xiph.org to link to an url.

This is what I currently have in the mpd config

audio_output {
type "shout"
encoding "ogg"
name "test"
host "localhost"
port "8000"
mount "/listen.ogg"
password "test"
# quality "5.0"
bitrate "96"
format "44100:16:2"
protocol "icecast2"
user "source"
description "test"
genre "test"
public "yes"
# timeout "2"

No it seems there a <stream-url> option for icecast.xml but using it in the xmlfile does nothing and I think it has to be in the <mount> section icecast.xml

11-25-2014, 06:41 AM
Got it sorted

<mount type="normal">
<stream-name>Future Assassin - Old Skool Jungle</stream-name>
<stream-description>Old Skool Jungle 24/7</stream-description>
<genre>jungle dnb electronic</genre>

Left the info in the mpd.cfg file and added the above to icecast.xml and reloaded icecast config.