View Full Version : ISDN Codecs and Digi 003r FS

12-18-2014, 06:55 PM
Hey all, I'm trying to get rid of some of my older gear hoping that someone here would be interested. I have two ISDN codecs for sale and one Digi 003r that are still in fairly good condition.

Digi 003r: There's some minor wear that occurred in racking around the ears and there's a scratch on top but nothing that impacts functionality. There was some random clicking coming from the rig in which this was used. We don't know for sure which piece of equipment clicked, but we do know that all components ran until we turned them off, and that these clicking sounds never appeared on any of our recordings.


Musicam Roadrunner ISDN codec: We replaced this unit with a Telos Zephyr and it has not been used in a few years. I powered it on and it lit up. Honestly, this type of gear is pretty hard to hurt.


Musicam CDQ 1000 ISDN codec: Also hasn't been used in a few years, but I powered it on and it lit up. It shows "time" more than actual "wear".


Buyer pays shipping on any and all items. You can PM or email me if you're interested.