View Full Version : HELP... SD and HD gear for Sale (outdated or not?)

06-29-2015, 09:10 PM
Iíve worked in the TV industry for several years, but I ended a partnership two years ago and started working in something completely different. As an aftermath of that partnership I kept some gear, with little to no use, and I want to sell it.

Actually, I have some Standard Definition and some HD equipment, and Iím not sure how current or out-dated they are.

This is a list:

- Starlink 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter/LCD Receiver 5" (Complete System)



- Century Precision Optics 1.6x HD Tele-Converter HVX200


- Century Precision Optics .75X W/A Converter HVX200


- I also have a couple of Sennheiser Transmitters, Receivers and Shotguns.

Besides the fact that I completely leaved the industry two years ago, I was never really very much into production gear, cause post production was my main field.

So I would truly appreciate if someone could guide me on good places to find people interested on those used equipments, and what a value they still keep in the market.