View Full Version : NSCaster software in educational industry

08-26-2016, 06:00 AM
NSCaster can be an applicable solution for educational institutions, whether in classroom, lectures, graduations or various activities.
NSCaster allows you to completely record teaching contents and student interactions of open class and stream to school web or any other live-broadcasting platforms. It can be a valuable teaching material for students and lecturers to repeat watching, studying and discussing, consequently facilitate study resource sharing and teaching quality improving.

Also, all kinds of campus cultural activities are important parts of quality education, provides all levels of school campus cultural activities with a powerful, easy-to-operate, ultra portable broadcasting system, capturing moments in real-time and quickly transmitting information of campus culture. By utilizing NSCaster, school channels can cover, report and broadcast various activities such as graduation ceremony, student orientations, art festival shows, student union campaigns, anniversary celebration etc. in an attractive and effective way.