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02-18-2008, 07:28 PM

What is eCuffo?

eCuffo is a free online directory for website owners and just general internet users to submit their favorite sites. eCuffo was created after searching for a site that offered this service and none could be found (at least what we were looking for). Thus the creation of eCuffo - Free Online Directory.

eCuffo doesn't require any registration and is 100% free. Other sites say free but then require you to give a backlink to them... that's not really free now is it? We understand that a backlink to eCuffo may not be ideal for your site and we honor that. While backlinks are appreciated, we do not require them. We hope because of this fact, that you and other users that choose to take advantage of no backlink, will tell others about eCuffo.

Whether you have services, software or just a website, eCuffo is the place to submit your information! As our database grows (and we expect quickly) you can get a link on a high PR site for free to help get your site found by Google, Yahoo and other search engines in a much faster manner.
Take advantage of our highly effective filter system. Users can sort through findings quickly and easily to narrow down their results. Effectively using these tags can help increase views of your product, service or website.

See why everyone else is submitting their information to eCuffo!


Is it really free?
Yes! And by free, we mean 100% free. No registration, no submission fees, no backlinks!

How can you do it for free?
Advertisements and donations help keep eCuffo free.

Does it have to be mine to submit it?
No. You can submit other sites that you find if you would like. Although if the owner of the site requests us to take it down or modify the information, we will follow through with those wishes.

Can I submit more than one time
Absolutely. In fact we encourage you to do so. However, duplicate content will be deleted.

Are there benefits to backlinking?
Of course! Backlinking with the backlink provided will allow your site to move up in popularity when people click on our banner or link from your site.

Submit Today

Don't delay, submit today! There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't. No registration and no backlink needed. Simply fill out the description fields and submit... it really is that simple!

eCuffo - Free Online Directory