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02-19-2008, 06:04 PM

The TVandDINNER forums were created so there would be one place to discuss shows on every network, cable channel and expanding to different countries television programing as well. We love watching about 100+ shows a week and know many people who are just like us, - so we wanted to make a place that would welcome people with similar TV interests to talk about their favorite (or hated) shows all in one place and not have to bounce around between 20 different forums!
It also has general sections for general chat topics (movies, music, humor, etc).
The goal was to make the board visually stimulating (purposely black background) with images, extra features, etc. We just were tired and bored with all of the white plain other TV related sites out there. You can not see all features as a guest, but can view all of the boards and threads, but can not post or reply with out registering (which is free). We would love to see you at TV and DINNER!