View Full Version : Help with mixer

04-26-2008, 02:04 PM
Hello people, i recently bought a behringer 1204 mixer which somes with its own
usb audio interface, the "UCA200". This is the first mixer i ever have used and i'm pretty confused about the connections. The Interface has left and right inputs and left and right outputs.

I have connected the CD/TAPE OUTPUTS of the mixer to the INPUTS (all with RCA cables) of the interface, but im not sure if that's what i should do.

I wanna know if what i did is right or if i should connect the main outputs (XLR) of the mixer to the inputs of the interface instead... but i also heard that the main outputs are meant to be connected with studio monitors, so i wanna know which is the right thing to do as i'm pretty new to using a mixer.