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07-31-2008, 10:56 AM
We have really taken off in the last few weeks and pretty much everone has successfully restored their account! If you are still having trouble, use our CONTACT US form. :biggrinthumb:

I still have lots to do, ive bought our new articles, reviews and blogs system the other day. Thats up and running BUT we have a few articles.

- Restore all 75 articles
- Set up voiceover artists and producers
- Restore all advertising campaigns (See Below)
- Finish designs

Thats it :D

Stream 101 - Your campaign is still being restored. 60% complete
iWebFusion - Campaign not started (20% extra time added for our delays)
Spacialaudio - Completed 100%
Station Playist - Underway 0%
Warner Music - In Discussion

- James