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Baabaa Productions
10-08-2008, 07:08 AM
Went to see Oasis last night at The Echo Arena Liverpool and they were amazing(even though they come from Manchester LOL). The best band I have seen live is the Who and Oasis come a very close second. (Any other suggestions for best live band.......)

Wonderwall brought the house down...better than the recording.

Keep music LIVE.

Seeing Queen next week and it will be interesting to see how they match up.


PS Support last night was Liverpool's Sixteen Tonnes one to watch for the future.

10-08-2008, 07:28 AM
Queen are not the same without freddie murcury still good but dont seem right lol if you know what i mean... Oasis are a very good band only problem is they are manchester city fans :( lol The happy mondays when i seen them they was mind blowing and pink floyd Thanks JK

10-08-2008, 07:40 AM
You LUCK MAN! I love oasis :)
Im looking into going to some local music festivals soon, i hope to get back in the live music scene!

10-08-2008, 07:44 AM
Live music is brill if its played by the right band ... i have seen some bands and they sound terrible.... Thanks JK

10-08-2008, 07:46 AM
I can say that MGMT (UK Band) is TERRIBLE live.. you hear it all over the net but seriously, watch them. They suck.

Kings Of Leon i really wanna see in the future, i watches later with Jools Holland and they performed their new album. BRILLIANT!

Baabaa Productions
10-08-2008, 08:47 AM
James. Kings of Leon are coming to Liverpool in December and have sold out. The Wombats are also on at The Echo arena in December so thinking of getting tickets. Agree with JK you cant beat live music although some can be disappointing. Booked tickets for something different next year The War of the Worlds which is touring next year and coming to Liverpool in June. It is a fantastic/spectacular show especially if you have followed War of the Worlds like I have.

We now have a great Arena in Liverpool(the Liverpool Echo Arena )which holds over 10,000 so now atracting good bands. Saves going to the tatty MEN in Manchester.

Keep it live.


10-08-2008, 09:01 AM
Tatty M.E.N ?? its one of the top class places all the top class bands wanna play in ....
10,000 THAT ALL MEN Arena holds >>

Lower bowl fixed seated capacity- 10,762
Upper bowl fixed seated capacity- 8,870
Large Theatre setup- 7,600
Small Theatre setup- 3,500
Ice Hockey and Gymnastics- up to 17,643
FINA Swimming championships 2008- 17,250
Basketball- up to 20,500
WWE Wrestling Entertainment- 14,500 to 18,500
Boxing- up to 21,000 (fully seated- although has been quoted by the media that up to 22,000 people have attended high profile boxing matches)
Side stage- up to 10,650 (fully seated)
Conventional end stage concerts- 13,500-15,800 (fully seated)
Conventional end stage concerts- up to 19,350 (floor standing)[citation needed]
In the round concerts- up to 20,400 (fully seated)
In the round concerts- up to 21,000 (floor standing)

:) Thanks JK

Baabaa Productions
10-08-2008, 09:26 AM
Its still the tatiest arena in the UK...its second rate these days....

It got used alot as it was the only one in the North West it now has competition which means they may tidy up the place........
Its quality not quantity that counts.

10-08-2008, 09:46 AM
Well i dont think its tatty place m8 ...Plus if your playing in a place it is quantity that counts more people see you the more albums you sell and the more wanna see you again ...so that makes MONEY....

Baabaa Productions
10-08-2008, 09:48 AM
Here is a review of the Oasis gig from last night. I disagree with only a three star rating......4.5 in my book.


There was no mistaking the Burnage swagger that ó like Oasisís music ó has weathered few modifications over the years. Liam Gallagherís appearance at Oasisís first UK shows in more than two years was greeted with a response that reminded you that whereas other bands have fans, Oasis are like a football team: they have supporters. And football supporters donít give up on their team merely because results are not all that they ought to be.
Hence, despite a mixed critical reception, Dig Out Your Soul had managed to shift almost 100,000 copies the day before Oasis arrived in Liverpool. But even an introduction from the boxer Ricky Hatton ó giving personal assurances that the fan attack that landed Noel Gallagher in hospital in Toronto wouldnít be happening in Liverpool ó failed to dislodge Liamís default expression of barely suppressed inchoate fury.
On RockíníRoll Star, the vibration of his lips making contact with the microphone resounded around the arena, easily a match for whatever his brother could shake out of his guitar. Whatever else was on the agenda last night, subtlety didnít come into it. The components of the 2005 single Lyla broke down into roughly 80 per cent stampede and 20 per cent song, which dovetailed pretty much perfectly with the needs of those who had come to hear it.
As a spectacle, you can only get so far watching a mono-browed man in a designer leather jacket looking surly ó even allowing that, on The Meaning of Soul, many of us will treasure the way he held a crescent-shaped tambourine in his mouth to make it look like a huge metallic smile.

This time, showmanship of a more conventional kind came from the back. Far from seeming nervous about debuting with the band in his hometown before 10,000 fans, the new drummer Chris Sharrock got on with the job of channelling the twin spirits of Keith Moon and Animal from the Muppets. Even Noel Gallagher nodded admiringly at the rhythmic landslide unleashed by the drummer in the middle of the new single Shock of the Lightning. But if other songs from Dig Out Your Soul are destined to join that one in the pantheon of fan faves, it was too early to tell from last night. The guitarist may ruefully note that his own Waiting For The Rapture didnít go down nearly as well as Liamís freshly minted slice of Lennonesque introspection Iím Outta Time. Similarly, the reception afforded to My Big Mouth from Be Here Now suggested that it might be best to wait another ten years before all but Oasisís staunchest fans learn to love their most infamous rock folly.
But obtuse as some of their selections were, Oasis never left it too long before dusting down a surefire favourite, a Wonderwall here, a Supersonic there. Better still was Morning Glory, still the finest musical encapsulation of the suspension of cynicism that was, for a time, Britpop. Admittedly, itís been a long time since Oasis made Britain feel that way. By the same token, gazing on at the response elicited by a concluding I Am The Walrus, you had to say, if this is a band past their prime, there is no shortage of other more fashionable acts who would swap with them at the drop of a hat. The Times

Baabaa Productions
10-08-2008, 09:57 AM
Jk more sugar in your coffee doesnt make it better....sometimes less is more. The positive way to look at it is the North West has two venues which will attract great acts. Loads from Manchester and Yorkshire at the gig last night and the second gig is tonight at Liverpool. Ricky hatton introduced them last night so will probably do the same tonight.


Well i dont think its tatty place m8 ...Plus if your playing in a place it is quantity that counts more people see you the more albums you sell and the more wanna see you again ...so that makes MONEY....