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02-06-2009, 01:31 PM
Hey All,

This month we are back with 2 brand new audio products...

> Future Fx
> Generic Vocal Acapellas

Future Fx,
This is a package of 50 brand new sounds from Air Media just released
on Friday 6th Feb. You can hear the example on the Air Media website.

Generic Vocal Acapellas
This is a new product also just added to the website. Over 80 vocals
for production in radio imaging and tv. Listen to the online sample to get
a full feel to this package.

Also w are still trying to get to grips with this whole affiliate program. This will
be full working and ready to use in the next week.

We have now added skype as another means of communication to the website. This
was suggested a few years ago but only up untill this week we have decided to get involved
with this great addition to the internet.

So new things happening at Air Media for 2009. Drop by and take a peek if you have not been around for a while.

Thanks, Alistair
www.air-media.co.uk (http://www.air-media.co.uk)

02-06-2009, 10:19 PM
Ok. I now have a copy of this , thanks Alistair. These are superb. They go straight to the top of the pile in my studio and will definitely be used this week on several projects.

As usual, outstanding quality from one of the industry's finest. AirMedia. 100% recommended by Jinglemaster.