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03-01-2009, 12:36 AM
Been busy as usual... :biggrinthumb:

:voiceover: Lots of changes going on. If you haven't been to the Radio Amber site lately go have a look. Because the original site was based on phpnuke, it kept getting hacked, I had to completely change all the scripting. Happens when a site gets popular. In the process Radio Amber became also a news based site.

You should join the new website as I simply don't have enough time to move all the members manually.

I've added new stuff for you. If you haven't done it yet get the new web ticker as the old one is no longer being updated. Added a free scrolling news feed you can put on your site. It's copy and paste easy. There's also a desktop app that gives the latest news headline form the site. Helpful when an alert is issued.

We are starting to get a little media attention courtesy of Bruce Seybert (he's a webcaster too http://forum.loudcity.net/img/smilies/smile.png, he is one of the original Amber Alert founders. We got plugged on Fox news on feb 20th by Bruce. The USDOJ has been made aware of the service as well as the fact that internet radio has became an important outlet for alerts. I expect to hear from them in the very near future.

There are few script issues I am working through but these will be resolved (member photos upload not working) but overall the new system format seems to be good.

Lastly, if you would like to be a author and write articles about alerts in your area, cool! Since we are now news based we do updates on all the alerts. If you want to write here's your opportunity.


See you there.

03-02-2009, 09:46 PM
We have implemented amber alerts by state as well as email alerts by states. Given the amount of alerts we are receiving stations should move to the more localized alerts. We now get alerts directly and the volume is to high to do a single alert mp3. If you download alerts manually I suggest you join that states email alert list to be informed when an alert is issued. For those that record alerts I will be implementing a new system. It is crucial that alerts are ready as quickly as possible. I have been using my automated system which records using a computer voice due to not having voice people to record. I'll be setting up a new website specifically for the voice talent that records alerts.