View Full Version : :30 commercial played @ top of every hour - $10 a week!

Blazin 97
04-21-2009, 04:53 PM
99.9 The Beat is a top rated Urban radio station based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are currently looking for sponsors and advertisers. Our prices are very cheap and extremely affordable. For only $10 a week we will play your :30 ad at the top of every hour! 99.9 The Beat can be accessed and listened to anywhere in the world at www.999thebeat.net (http://www.999thebeat.net).

Our format targets males and females 18-24.

Average listen audience on a weekday, 18 listeners.

Average listen audience on a weekend, 25 listeners.

Build brand awareness and get the word out there at a great price! To get started email me at dowdyjustin@aol.com or music13lover94@hotmail.com or just PM me!

The station has a very faithful audience and has been in operations since late December 2008.

Current Clients:
JT Web Hosting