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04-24-2009, 05:27 PM
Hello Folks!,
I was wondering if anyone could help me...,

I want to create an RSS feed for my website, Pinnell Productions, mainly on the "Press Releases" page...

Any ideas how I can do that? If it helps, I make my site using Moonfruit...

Many thanks!

04-25-2009, 12:12 AM
Hi Ian,

Well Ian ... this gonna cost you LOTS of money ...
Or do you wanna have the short explanation ? That one can be done for a friendly "hello" and rep in return :p ... LOL

Ok ... here We go ... attention please !!

Making a feed is real easy to do .. follow everything who's written step by step : (the xml file is ready to use)
- download the attached rar file
- unzip the rar file, inside you gonna find a xml file
- change name of the xml file into your name ex: PinnellProductions_feed.xml
- open the xml file with notebloc
- change all content who's written about my project GKRadio Europe - including the http:// values of my project - to your content
- if you need more topics copy and paste the details from <item> untill </item> the much as needed
*** If you have into the future a "new" headline / topic just copy and paste once again the similar data "on top" of all your items and change the content into your new content
- after you finished all content close the xml file
- upload the xml file to your website / webspace
- remember the link to it .. ex: http://www.yourURL.domain/PinnellProductions_feed.xml
- open your browser and insert this link :
*** if you have an AddSense Google account, please login with your account name
- copy and paste at feedburner the complete link to your xml file, click next etc .. untill its finished
- if everything is finished you gonna see the link to your feed
*** Notice : if you have an AddSense Google account you can manage some tools to help you in publishing it on your website etc etc
- your link gonna be similar to mine .. but with your name ...
ex: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/GKRadioEurope_feed or click on the RSS button at my signature

and thats it !!! :)

If you have any new data into the future .. just add the new content as written on top of this ... upload the new version of the xml file to your website ... open your feeds2.feedburner.... link and you gonna see that the new content is refreshed and visible to everyone

To link it at your website .. you can do it by using a similar HTML code :

<a href="http://feeds2.feedburner.com/GKRadioEurope_feed?format=xml" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.gkradio.eu/rss.gif" alt="GKRadio Europe Feed" width="36" height="19" border="0"></a>
or by using the tools provided if you login to feedburner by using your AddSense Google account
To see an example of that tool, please click on the myspace link at my signature and look on top of my profile
To see an example at a 3rd party website, see the details on this page :

So .. its piece of cake ... In fact after you inserted all your details (topics, content, http links) at your xml file you have your own RSS feed in lesser than 2 minutes

Good luck and keep Me posted :biggrinthumb:

04-25-2009, 01:05 AM
Thanks very much Philippe! I'm sure this will be of GREAT use to people looking for this exact thing! +Rep!!!