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05-22-2009, 08:11 PM
New AutoTV Player, Shoutcast TV Server Specials!
www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/shoutcast.php (http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/shoutcast.php)

NSV Live streaming or 24/7 AutoTV player included free (and AutoDJ free also)
All of our accounts have been upgraded with AutoTV controls and functions, and Shoutcast TV options! included free.

Shoutcast TV Specials
50 listeners (Video) @ 250 Kbps $19.95
40 Listeners (Video) @ 250 Kbps $15.95
30 Listeners (Video) @ 250 Kbps $11.95
20 Listeners (Video) @ 250 Kbps $7.95
10 Listeners (Video) @ 250 Kbps $5.95
*unlimited bw
*AutoDJ also included for mp3 radio station, switch between TV and Radio if you like.

Quadcore servers located in Chicago, IL.
We also offer Germany, Netherlands, London and other USA locations if available, limited supply.

Take as long as you like, check out the demo, Specials will be there when you are ready to start! It's all unlimited.
Want a special you dont see in the "Quick Orders" list? Just mention it and we will make a special for you.

100's of people since our great opening just shortly ago, can't be wrong!

Radio Specials!

Most Popular Package: 50 listeners (Audio) @ 128 Kbps $9.95
50 Listeners @ 96 Kbps $8.95
50 Listeners @ 64 Kbps $7.95

Most Popular Package: 30 listeners (AUdio) @ 128 Kbps $7.95
30 Listeners @ 96 Kbps $6.95
30 Listeners @ 64 Kbps $5.95

More specials inside

DJ Login Area:
With only the IP, Port and Admin Password of the SHOUTCast server your DJ's can login and control the station. Start and Stop AutoDJ around your DJs schedule.
You pretty much need an account to see this one in action, although its similar to the controls you see in the "scguest" demo below.

Stats & Graphs:
Listener Statistics & Country Listeners Maps

View full client area demo in action at http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/...rdform=scguest (http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/login.php?trylogin=1&action=login&loginform=scguest&passwordform=scguest)
username: scguest
password: scguest
Client Area Login: http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/login.php (http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/login.php)

Ontop of all these features we have that other hosts dont, we offer lower prices and included AutoDJ Player, AutoTV Player, Tune-in links, flash web player, unlimited bandwidth and mp3 upload storage via FTP access.

View our instant QUICK ORDER system, where servers are online already and handed over to you right away, no waits.

www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast (http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast)

05-22-2009, 08:20 PM
Nice start, only 2 posts both promoting a service. Have you seen the welcome thread, where you can introduce yourself? A read of the rules regarding advertising may be a good idea also.

05-22-2009, 09:42 PM
Thanks for the help THREETEN RADIO, let me know if I screw up again.

05-22-2009, 09:47 PM
You have proved you only made a mistake and not here just to take take take like many others so no problem buddy, all genuine members like you are very welcome.

Brutish Sailor
05-22-2009, 11:44 PM
I noticed you have TV and Auto DJ specials. What about a working prototype of NSVX? That would make me pee myself in this chair.

05-23-2009, 03:02 AM
In fact great to have a member who's into videostreaming
I guess it was somehow a topic a while ago
Maybe BS reminds when ?

Maybe a nice idea as member to make a thread about videostreaming in general ... as compagny I guess you know a lot about this type of broadcasting ...
such as : setup, best software, etc etc
I think that could become a very popular topic to current and to new members who are in search for details to broadcast video