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07-11-2009, 08:52 AM
Always complications with these but in the UK next weekend there is a national day called 'The Big Lunch'. A day for communities to get to know each other better and speak more to there neighbours and have a laugh.

KRISISDnB.COM normally runs from our individual DJs studios / bedrooms around the world, but there are my 2 shows per week that run from my studio (well garage actually), so we thought we would join in the party and take the station on the street so everyone locally can see exactly how we do things.

After consultation with the police and my neighbours its all go !! So on the 19th from 3-9pm we are having our party on the green outside. We wont be broadcasting it all as there are other regular shows on the station, but my show from 6-8pm will be broadcast (using a very long network cable) from outside. Were going to get all the neighbours involved and have an open mic policy to get other budding MCs on the mic to let them have a go alongside a lineup of regular KRISISDnB DJs and special guests on the decks.

There will also be other actvities which the neighbours are helping with such as a barbeque, facepainting, portrait artist and more to make it a real party.

This is deffo a first for us and just hope the weather holds up !!

Anyway try and listen live next sunday from 6-8pm !! Were hoping to have the webcam up and running from the street as well to show you how we party !!!



07-11-2009, 12:01 PM
Great idea to collab with this public event.
It gonna be fun for sure !

07-11-2009, 12:15 PM
just hope english weather doesnt cause me grief ! hahaa

07-12-2009, 05:06 AM
Put some speakers outside of your garage ... Add some flyers around it
and if the weather is getting lesser than expected (colder or even some rain) ... a good idea can be to make in front a table where you offer some hot soup to the people who are passing by at this street event.
I don't know the price of soup at the UK .. but you can ask a stupid aka low cost to serve the soup ... ex: 0,50 Euro and tell them that anything what they give above of that 0,50 Euro is meant as support to your station ...
I guess you have somebody around into your family (sister, Mother, girlfriend etc) who can serve the soup into a plastic cup with a smile :)
Onion soup can work out very well, it breaks the hunger feeling and if the visitors already drunk alcohol it gonna neutralise it ..
At some parts of Belgium onion soup is very popular, its a cheap product, easy to make and you can make some money of it

I'm pretty sure they gonna stop by at your place
Keep Me posted ;)