View Full Version : [Please Read] Now Accepting Content Submissions

07-20-2009, 03:12 AM
Broadcasting World is in the final stage of its rehaul in 2009. Planning submissions and designs have been submitted and are now in the process of being coded. We are excited to bring you a content rich website for broadcasters worldwide.

We will focus on three main areas of the site, Broadcast. Webcast. Imaging. These sections will be the foundation for each sections, we have new sections like tutorial sections, scribd guide sections and BWTv (YouTube), plus a whole lot more! We are now accepting content submissions via email to admin@broadcastingworld.net (admin@broadcastingworld.net) for...

Scribd.com Guidebooks (iPaper)
YouTube Videos (related to Broadcasting)If you have any that you have created and want to share with the world, please email them to us and be the first!

Thanks guys!