View Full Version : Your thoughts on Net Neutrality

Unkle B
12-30-2009, 03:52 PM
Without getting into the political side of this how do you think Net Neutrality rules would affect Internet Radio?
My own opinion hasnt been formed yet because I'm not sure of what kind of techie stuff it would involve. But from what I have read it sounds like it would put a damper on people such as P2P stuff and Internet Marketers. I havent read or seen anything as to what it would do to connection speed. But if they use that as a way to cut down the P2P such as some isp's do now. I could see where it would hurt a lot of stations. I wonder if they would make us buy liscenses like broadcast?
Give some info, opinions and insight to this subject please?

12-30-2009, 07:24 PM
The internet has a whole cannot be regulated by any one institution or government. The Chinese have their great firewall, the middle east has its net filters and various other countries have remote kill switches.

That said, Business as a whole must be quick to adapt and make use of ever expanding technology. Television, radio and news papers have taken massive advertising losses because of the ability of the Internet to outperform them. The typical indy artist does not stand a snow balls chance in hell in getting their stuff played on air any more, that's where Internet radio comes into play. The Internet has proved itself many times, as a unique medium to reach the masses.

The more you try and regulate something, the more it backfires and create more problems.