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01-04-2010, 01:41 AM
On a freezing cold Night
I thought : Why not sharing this at BW
It ain't wrong, its right
Making posts to the World written at a city oversea
1000 already in nearly 1 Year
My wish to you for a Happy New Year !

Thanks to everyone who was willing to write a reply to my posts
Thanks to everyone who gave Me +reps = 793 so far
Thanks to everyone who accepted my point of view, unless We made once in a while a small issue about a subject
Thanks to James and his crew for creating BW ... its maybe one of the most peaceful places on this 3rd rock from the sun

One more thing = Lets Keep The Spirit Alive ! :kiss:

01-04-2010, 01:47 AM
Congratulations mate! :D
I'll celebrate by opening a fine sparkling this afternoon! ;)

Great stuff, thanks for being such a loyal and friendly forum member! Your contributions to this forum are greatly appriciated mate :)

01-04-2010, 01:48 AM
Just noticed under your name..
Broadcasting Addict

01-04-2010, 02:23 AM
LOL ... Nice work !

Just noticed under your name..
Broadcasting Addict

01-04-2010, 04:53 AM

01-05-2010, 12:00 AM
Congratulations GKREurope on all your posts here, and your winning of the mystery listener competition.

Three Cheers !

01-05-2010, 12:23 AM
Congrats GKR

01-05-2010, 12:52 AM
Congrats Philippe,
You have a lot to share with everyone here and I for one am glad your a member of BW. I appreciate all of the help you've given me in the past few weeks. Your help with the voice overs is more than anyone could ask for. If it wasn't for you and arf, I think I would have given up by now.

PS. Your student or trainee :)

Joonas Piiroinen
01-05-2010, 05:38 AM
Congratulations GK!

Your presence in this forum has been very helpful for us. Thank you again! :)


01-07-2010, 04:18 PM
Congratulations GK!

A valuable and needed member of the community - clearly shown by your post count!

Let's wait for 2000! ;)


01-07-2010, 04:21 PM
Congrats GK! Good for you mate.

01-09-2010, 11:56 AM
Congratulations. Have a good year buddy :)
Yeah, I'm a new one on this forum and I must admit.. I love it :D