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02-10-2011, 04:33 AM
I'm looking into selling my website, I've spent endless hours with a collage editing the content, creating images and advertising. The website is more of a passion to myself rather than another project. It's been open 9 months now and we have got allot of good feedback on how clean, easy to browse and professional the website looks.

My main reason to even explore this route is I lack in money and time. I'm a very busy student with future exams in the upcoming months. Our team have been more than great, as things get rolling, I have to find a solution or pull out of the website. We have a dedicated team of FM presenters aswell as a few new entertainers looking for a new hoobie and djs. I'm sure my staff would love to stay on and help with the radio, we can sort something out.


The entire website
SweepersI can also offer FREE web hosting until 2013.

What you see is what you get basically.

Expires 26/10/11 - Registered with sawhosting.com

Personally created by our friends over at votexweb.com, it consists of the following:

Edit profile - Allows staff to edit their on-site profile page
Private messaging - Private message those registered on the panel
Timetable - Book a show with a click of a button
Request line - Listeners can contact you directly through the website, the message then appears on the panel without delay by just clicking refresh.
Admin home - Basically acts as a notepad, to save, edit and remember stuff to do.
Image uploader - Upload Banners & Images into your desired folder with a click of a button.
System configuration - Edit the encoder details and competition line.
Crack it - Enables you to have on site live competitions, you choose the word have your listeners guess it. www.stancefm.com/crackit
Admin timetable - Book permanent shows, this is different to "normal timetable" as you get to select a show name aswell as the presenter(s).
Banner rotator - Select which images you would like to use and where you would like them to link to.
Users - Add / Edit / Delete
Usergroups - What one person to see something on the panel but not another? you can choose this with a few clicks.
Pages - Additional pages can be added to the panel with a tiny bit of php editing skills

Comes with several high quality productions from our friends over at radioproductioncompany.co.uk

I'm not asking for a huge sum of money, I'm sure we can work around ones budget.

Link: www.stancefm.com
Email: Richard(at)stancefm(dot)com

Kind Regards,
Richard Barry.