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New 02:47
Your messages are going through!
New 14:07
Not too much going on here lately unforunately.
New 15:35
Merry Christmas James!
New 14:33
Id post a topic. We'll probably need to see your code and everything to troubleshoot.
New 01:03
Darran22 is no more...and no more posts
New 12:19
All set RDJ
New 15:33
All good here now
New 12:40
Its loading, but very slow. I can only get it to load on our Fiber lines and not DSL or Cable lines in the office.
New 23:17
James - I cant figure out how to get to my private messages. Is there a link I'm missing
New 13:39
New 21:31
Oooh...whats this neat site?
New 11:24
That doesnt surprise me that it is gone. It was a poorly done port-over anyways.
New 13:57
I miss my new posts button :(
New 15:05
Post up the screenshots!
New 19:12
Welcome home!
New 12:17
@cwvps - I would suggest helping improve the forum, rather than just coming by to post ads all the time like many companies do. Contribute and help out, then feel free to post in the appropriate section:
New 20:50
New 00:12
I've emailed him already. I dont have his #
New 21:16
Same here, nothing for about a month or so
New 01:24
It does seem like that lately...just been very busy here. I've been on daily, but not enough to post anything new.
New 16:57
Post a topic. The chatbox is for small talk
New 21:02
Site is being slow again :(
New 22:06
BW has always been a slow loading site for me. I dont know why, but today it has been pretty quick. I travel a lot and it didnt matter where I was, but would be slow.
New 15:54
I ddint ban him, not sure how he got banned?
New 11:50
Odd..I dont get that!
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