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Something went horriby wrong on this computer last week a hard drive fried itself. Not had that happen in a while so i have to switch Computers
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I'm in the process of changing computers as it does indeed look like theres a hardware issue on my computer It is 7 years old which seems to be the life span of most of the computers I've bought.
New 11:31
RDJUser: Maybe You experience problems with the RAM memory ? I had a similar problem with my desktop in 2020. A friend inserted a higher RAM + a second 1TB hard drive. The strange sounds were gone and all is fine since then
New 08:56
Source of my PC problem is becoming clear Hardware failing... guess I'm buying a new hard drive
New 12:35
I could happily take a sledgehammer to thsi computer its been acting up for a few days
New 08:55
I swear even in Beta radioDJ works as an automation suite should.. any wonder I've championed the software for 10 years.
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Thats it I'm, vaccinated...
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Greetings to everyone, I am a new member
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Getting my Covid jab next week... Bit late I swear I've had Covid twice
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Ah I see, the issue was M*I*B's post contained some HTML and formatting for the text which flagged the auto-moderator. Looks like it was copied over from another website or Microsoft Word etc...
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James : I made one reply to a post of MIB. This post was moderated by someone to the right section. However you are right that the count of posts of MIB showed indeed 0 posts
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Not sure what you mean by this? I don't see any posts on your account.
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"not activated by an administrator / moderator within three days"
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... pretty dead forum; You will probably not get any help here if the request for help in the forum is not activated by an administrator / moderator within three days ...
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I've been using RadioDJ for 10 years now I can remember how people tried their best to rubbish it because its FREE
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Question If Anyone Can Help?
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MEH! I can't be sure but i think Covid has bitten me. Been unwell for 3 days now
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Happy Holiday Season to everyone
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Merry Christmas... Although there isn't much to be merry about this year unless you count Trump getting kicked out next month
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hello people
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Well i leant some new skills with GIMP this weekend. I now know how to do shizzle with pictures
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There they go again because they think they're being ignored they just respond with abuse.
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