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New 21:59
No worries
New 22:34
Feel free to email me, i'll PM you my email address
New 22:34
Can you export the wordpress data from the wordpress admin account at least? I can assist you with hosting and setting up a new site so you can import all your blog posts and data
New 10:45
Sorry about your loss by the way, I have been without internet for a few weeks! Im sure Iain would be thankful for the life he spent with you.
New 10:44
What happened Gary? Why will your website disappear?
New 01:54
Had to ban the entire China IP ranges, my previous attempts didn't seem to work...
New 01:54
We were getting bombarded by Chinese bots
New 00:58
Indeed, very quiet. We have some exciting stuff coming though!
New 12:37
Hey everyone
New 23:50
They've all made posts from what I can see
New 13:20
Unless Beyonce and Rhianna have done a 360
New 13:20
New 13:20
Can't say the list of songs in his SAM Broadcaster seem royalty free
New 01:29
Was a pain for me setting it up on my new mac last weekend, had to revert to 7 and use legacy encryption :(
New 03:36
In response to your inevitable tweet, we aren't denying anyone an opinion. We are just asking you to be mindful and respectful of others opinions also. People can have whatever software they like, you can also spruik RadioDJ as much as you like, nothing is stopping anyone from doing that, just be respectful when doing so
New 00:02
Everyone has a choice as to what radio automation software they use. There are positives and negatives for all software, and more often than not people prefer software over others as it suits their individual needs. No need to divert this discussion into a debate guys.
New 01:03
@DJboutit as mentioned by @RDJUser, Wouldn't that question best be asked on the forum itself?
New 03:22
Hi asianpopradio. I recommend making a new post in the forums to receive help We keep thje chatbox to small talk only.
New 12:28
You too GK!
New 01:16
The issue was caused by us moving to https (about time), the login page is a static page which was still stuck on http. So the login handshake never completed. All fixed now though!
New 23:10
* James checks in
New 04:31
Been writing up a big article on the state of internet radio in 2018, keep an eye out
New 23:20
Still working on the main site though. Some things are still broken
New 23:19
New 23:19
Let me know if you expieruence any issues with the updated look forums
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