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New 09:25
Why are you using such big playlists?
New 18:35
Anybody know a good free alternative to Radioboss and Zararadio that will take a 20K+ track playlist and is easy to use what do you recommend??
New 03:22
Hi asianpopradio. I recommend making a new post in the forums to receive help We keep thje chatbox to small talk only.
New 02:58
hello, i need help :(
New 13:50
Cough Cough Cough @ GK I started the year off with a flu like virus the cough took 3 weeks to shift.
New 05:09
For sale = The FLU
New 14:24
New 14:24
Radio ain't what it used to....
New 18:42
dont seem to hear really deep late night voices anymore..miss them..from debbie
New 10:17
Just hearing on the grapevine that Nicecast for Mac is being discontinued doesn't leave Mac users with many software choices now
New 20:43
Now looking I cant find it as well
New 17:15
How do I edit my station info? Cant find link.
New 14:53
@James can you make the topic about RadioDJ v2.0.0. sticky please updates seem to be happening a lot so far this release.
New 14:33
@James : The question made by SmoothJazz is solved
New 13:46
@James how do we edit our station listing? can't find link
New 16:02
Listen to our music ... It sounds a lot better than the name of our station !!
New 13:33
I need a slogan for my reggae radio station called Riddim fm! Any help will gladly be welcomed
New 12:28
You too GK!
New 17:11
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow BW members ! Enjoy and have a great time
New 01:16
The issue was caused by us moving to https (about time), the login page is a static page which was still stuck on http. So the login handshake never completed. All fixed now though!
New 00:45
Shoutcaststreaming : I suppose the server was in Holiday mode in between XMas and NYE LOL
New 23:45
Login wasn't working yesterday, but it's working today .. FYI.
New 23:10
* James checks in
New 04:31
Been writing up a big article on the state of internet radio in 2018, keep an eye out
New 23:20
Still working on the main site though. Some things are still broken
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