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New 17:09
I really shouldn't look at posts from 10 years ago... WOW people were angry at the fact RadioDJ was free.
New 08:38
I'm sure Spacial Audio will be pleased my website is NO MORE. I thought the backup tool had been taking backups of the DB when it hadn't.
New 01:20
artist drop
New 00:22
Glad to see that BW is back "on air". It looks to Me that BW was down for reason of a kind of Covid19 lockdown ? Anyway, I'm back
New 13:50
Meh! My VPS is misbehaving...
New 16:12
Coo I have a freshly painted kitchen Its very Purple.
New 13:01
Stripping things down for decorating to happen... long overdue
New 17:15
HA! Why are some forum moderators so paranoid? That post spoke a lot of truth and someone pulled it damn shame. (Not this Forum)
New 10:20
Over the worst of it now but i still feel like I've been "Beaten Up" I never want to go through that again.
New 14:27
Guess who may have Corona... My day just went from bad to worse. I've been ill all weekend.
New 19:41
I used to think Ubuntu was my friend until an upgrade knocked out most of the software i use. Fuming.
New 16:39
**Happy dance** this new computer is everything i hoped it would be. now to mothball the 8GB machine.
New 16:13
32GB machine has landed and is just simply amazing already... You can pick up machines with decent amounts of RAM for very little money.
New 22:09
New computer is back on... I know what I'll be doing most of tomorrow.
New 15:35
OH I thought i'd bought a32GB machine the seller on ebay says they can't do it now. Why frikkin advertise it then?
New 22:40
Whats the most powerful computer you own? I've just bought a new PC with 32GB of RAM and an i5 processor. Can't wait!
New 11:01
Well for the first time since I lost my husband I think I can relax and move on with life. After the pandemic that is Covid 19 is truly awful.
New 14:35
Lockdown ... I've lost track of days help... Its only another 10 weeks i think.
New 13:05
Lockdown day 7... Meh! I hate being cooped up.
New 00:21
hi i need a artist drop pliss hel me i am new in this chat
New 12:34
I'm trying to be positive I've just been placed into lockdown by my GP she doesn't want me going anywhere that isn't essential this crap is getting real.
New 10:48
LOL ... Lets stay positive ;)
New 08:59
Oh they're brand new still in packaging...
New 04:29
Proposal : Are they new or already once used ? Is shipping included ?
New 14:51
Anyone want to buy 24 toilet rolls for 2400... Final offer!! LOL (Man the worlds gone NUTS)
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