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New 09:16
Black Friday is here - Beware of Offers and Competitions that sound too good to be true!
New 10:29
Seems Twitter have taken to banning accounts that use the auto posting now playing scripts.
New 11:31
We banned China and Russia from our servers a few years back. After numerous attempts to get into my website admin pages.
New 02:54
Had to ban the entire China IP ranges, my previous attempts didn't seem to work...
New 02:54
We were getting bombarded by Chinese bots
New 16:20
Besides the forums database keeps crashing and taking the site offline...
New 16:14
No one uses the chatbox anyway so I can't see the issue myself.... BTW RadioDJ still rocks!
New 17:40
@jorgear ... the chatbox is for quick messages, not for promoting your station !!
New 17:52
*Spam Removed - Admin*
New 09:53
Forum is back
New 06:06
Welcome | Bienvenidos to Vanderlei Silva
New 13:43
Is Spotify killing Internet radio??
New 14:11
Seeing your messages FSquared.
New 13:24
New 01:58
Indeed, very quiet. We have some exciting stuff coming though!
New 00:27
Hi James pretty qt in here man has everyone gone over to face book ...... if si stand firm they will be back
New 13:37
Hey everyone
New 03:47
Your messages are going through!
New 19:52
I don't think this is working because it's not sending my messages
New 19:51
New 15:31
Woh kann ich meine Station Eintragen
New 02:32
cant edit station page
New 17:16
Hey everyone The Leaf FM is back!
New 02:16
Hello! Does anyone here have experience with Livestream Studio?
New 10:07
It has been some time since able to check in on the forum. I have been swamped with a lot of work on my news magazine, at this time radio and tv, and social media posts.
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