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From Today on Facebook has 1 billion users. Its about time to publish Our PayPal to the public ... Imagine that every user donates 1 Dollar or1 Euro
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Still waiting for my new teeth ... first appointement with the dentist October 16 :(
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Hello chat
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thanks...I appreciate it
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Sorry to hear that MarcAlle, all the best to your family good sir.
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Hello everyone...sorry bout my absence, my grandmother passed....all back now!@
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Hi All, From Air Media UK www.air-media.co.uk
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Moon River, Can't get used to loosing you, Happy Heart...we've lost a great talent
New 14:08
Just heard the news that The Great Andy williams has died. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-19729630
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Hey everyone
New 15:59
Hey guys, Is someone here handy with making radio-jingles??
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Damn ... I broke a tooth this late evening ... So I am not able to make a VO ... currently GK sounds as ssGssK
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Another sunny Sunday in NZ
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email me at: hyfrco@gmail.com
New 14:58
I can make a Bed for you like that for a small donation. Just tell me the tracks you want in it.
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Thanks Gary
New 13:29
Happy birthday Johny c !!
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hi to all
New 23:03
Hey everyone you know if there is any bed's that have Today's hit music and then the tracks?
New 19:17
Indeedy! Not the best Eminem song mind. I prefer 'The Real Slim Shady'
New 14:18
Pinnell's back... back again.. tell a friend!
New 12:51
Guess who's back!!!
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Hey guys.
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