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Hello everyone, i am looking for team to work with in Africa in our radio station and maintain the global ground.
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is it a good day to produce some jingles, i think so
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@haedrush .. Please stop making stupid comments, such as "good job" and "nice". If you are trying to reach 10 posts, make some intelligent posts, not all this dribble.
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Welcome to BW Luke
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hello everyone, im new to broadcasting world
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Hey all
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HL-700HD is the necessary video device for DP, focus puller and script supervisor. HL-700HD is a highlight monitor especially designed for film production. It has no complex decoration, while equipped with practical functions. The brightness of the panel reaches 1000cd/m2, completely solved the interference of strong sunlight. Besides of the necessary functions, the whole depth of this model is just 24mm, weighs only 570g, is a real “innovation”, it will set a new norm for 7” monitors.
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Check the shoutout of Little Mix ... Enjoy
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James - I made a boo boo - could you unban - MasterzRadio - I got him instead of another spammer - please apologize for me !
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Hello Snoppiy, welcome to BW
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Hello all I'm Snoopiy, I'm new member.
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we had to change our service
New 23:57
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It's all good James. But I was starting to worry the other day when the site wouldn't load.
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I dun goofed. Sorry guys!
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Im wondering if this has anything to do with the CRB's revision ( Part 370 ) where they changed the term "Eligible Minimum Fee Webcaster" from "Minimum Fee Broadcaster" I havent dug into the reading yet, but seen little blips about it. Maybe good things are coming....?
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I cant see them having a revival unless they had something worth showing. Something big. After the purge I dont forsee a big consumer audience unless they are planning something unexpected.
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http://live365.com/ James, might be something to look into.
New 01:25
If you guys dont pay attention, you might miss the ace up the sleeve of the person you least suspect.
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Works for me. I like it! It does appear to be just a static page at first since the mouse arrow doesn't change to indicate that you are hovering over a button...but the buttons do work for me just fine.
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Just a static page. Lets us know when you are finished and have a working demo.
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hello guys can you check out myradiotuner.com and give me some feedback on it
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Guess who's back?! :D
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Now streaming all day www.kroffirecords.com worldwide connect.
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I have my radio station streaming on Winamp and going well but can't set up live broadcast/interviews yet...i appreciate your input on this. Thanks!
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