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Is there a way to change the page size, I now have to scoll the page for every line in a post.
New 19:22
ALL mp3 and wav files are dissappeard !!! What about that ? And the donate button is also gone ! OLD version was easier pffff
New 19:18
I finaly have send my answer to Saint ... with a delay of 4 days :(
New 18:43
I like the new look
New 16:45
Hi Arfa
New 16:45
What happened to the mp3files? I can't view them on any post
New 13:01
Another prob?site not accepting mp3 format as attachment?
New 07:55
ill fix that now arfa!
New 07:27
but, sadly.... it doesn't KEEP that setting if you come back to the site- not in FFX anyway! :-(
New 07:22
you have to do that actually in one of the sub-categories, then the rest all set themselves to that same setting btw
New 07:15
helps if you select the "last post" header, then the order sorts itself out properly
New 07:04
Well.... I may be on my own, but I thought it was much better before! Still, what do I know
New 06:20
New 05:58
not cool
New 05:58
Only thing is we have lost all the attachments :(
New 05:57
New 05:55
lol like the change bro
New 05:54
New 05:51
whats up
New 05:24
we are back to having to write more letters in the Post quick reply box
New 05:06
Looking good James
New 03:06
Looks great James ... Well Done as always
New 01:09
* James is testing that everything works okay!
New 05:09
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