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New 20:52
RDJ user I'd like to offer my deepest sympathies
New 15:03
Well if I've learned one thing recently I suck at Linux.
New 11:50
Don't you just hate it when the vultures start circling? Give over my Husbands barely cold.
New 12:02
Even in beta testing RadioDJ still blows the competition out of water!
New 15:20
Jsut ran a test with RadioDJ and sound Empire Caster. Sound EC Held up for well over 20 hours. Impressive stuf for a standalone encoder NO buffering
New 12:47
Well that was a tough morning. I got through it without too many issues. Found out the VPS is actually paid until August so I have some breathing space
New 21:59
No worries
New 09:00
Ill be in touch when the funeral is over. Heads all over the place at the moment (as you can imagine)
New 22:34
Feel free to email me, i'll PM you my email address
New 22:34
Can you export the wordpress data from the wordpress admin account at least? I can assist you with hosting and setting up a new site so you can import all your blog posts and data
New 18:48
My Husbnad dealt with all the website stuff I've lost access to so much so if my site goes down it goes down I have no way of getting into the hosting account right now.
New 10:45
Sorry about your loss by the way, I have been without internet for a few weeks! Im sure Iain would be thankful for the life he spent with you.
New 10:44
What happened Gary? Why will your website disappear?
New 18:36
The crap is about to hit the fan.. My website may disappear (I know that good news for some of you)
New 13:36
You'll see a lot of Tumbleweeds while you're waiting I'm afraid this forum isn't excatly the busiest of places.
New 17:17
hey guys pls give me some feedback on my radio aircheck on the 'showcase' section thanks its been two days
New 10:56
i got into radio because i had what they call an 'international' accent the kind you hear coming at you from a airplane speakers when the captain announces
New 07:52
Gary : Accept my Condolonces. I know the feeling for reason that I've lost both my parents the past Years. Stay strong !
New 10:09
My Goodness life can be CRUEL. I've just lost my husband to cancer.
New 07:46
Did you hear the one about 4 years uptime from RadioDJ?
New 08:16
Black Friday is here - Beware of Offers and Competitions that sound too good to be true!
New 09:29
Seems Twitter have taken to banning accounts that use the auto posting now playing scripts.
New 10:31
We banned China and Russia from our servers a few years back. After numerous attempts to get into my website admin pages.
New 01:54
Had to ban the entire China IP ranges, my previous attempts didn't seem to work...
New 01:54
We were getting bombarded by Chinese bots
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