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RDJUser you on about me by any chance?
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There they go again because they think they're being ignored they just respond with abuse.
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getting bored with someones tantrums when they're told NO.
New 16:20
Another Lockdown starting this week I swear if it wasn't for my Music I'd go stark raving mad... Oh wait people think I already am.
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scrub that its finally updated
New 16:05
There appears to be an issue with the forum It won't let me update my homepage from my profile settings
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I've just about managed to extract all the Blog posts I can from my old website. New blog has 122 posts.
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I'm only on one social media site Twitter... despite the idiots you get on there i feel its better than FB as its more anonymous.
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I don't believe in a shift of internetradio's to Facebook. When I look to the behaviour of posts of my friendslist, it looks as Facebook is not that alive as most of the current media tells Us
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I came off facebook nearly 2 years ago. I got fed up with people sniping at each other and the various privacy issues.
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But at the moment im focused heavily on my business (Broadcast Launch) which has seen massive growth during COVID. Hopefully we can do something with BW in near future
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I was thinking of expanding to Twitch broadcasters too since that's a large market
New 05:39
I was planning to redevelop the site (see proposed look/feel: https://staging.broadcastingworld.com/) but ive seen a deterioration in internet radio related forums lately, everything seem to be shifting to Facebook Groups.
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I think James focus is elsewhere these days
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I get mysql errors when clicking many of the links in the title bar of the site. Been that way for months now. When will they be fixed?
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RDJ : Same here. Next week its already week 28 ... In other words 7 Months ... and so far no countdown is known ... Terrible feeling !
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Will this lockdown ever end It feels like months since i've actually been out somewhere other than for shopping. Its doing my head in now.
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about 70 posts rescued from an old SQL backup. Still at least i know this new blog's here to stay.
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Watch out for the tumbleweeds...
New 17:39
How's everyone doing? This Covid buisness is slowly turning me round the twist I'm stuck inindoors a Lot
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Like a Pheonix risen from the ashes I now have a blog on Blogger
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I really shouldn't look at posts from 10 years ago... WOW people were angry at the fact RadioDJ was free.
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I'm sure Spacial Audio will be pleased my website is NO MORE. I thought the backup tool had been taking backups of the DB when it hadn't.
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artist drop
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