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Let Us use the forum to chat about software, choices, experiences, pro & cons ... Not the chatbox ! We are all radio minded people, lets do it right !
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In response to your inevitable tweet, we aren't denying anyone an opinion. We are just asking you to be mindful and respectful of others opinions also. People can have whatever software they like, you can also spruik RadioDJ as much as you like, nothing is stopping anyone from doing that, just be respectful when doing so
New 09:01
Good Grief! Anyone would think I'm not entitled to an opinion on anything...
New 23:40
Everyone knows I have used Zara Radio for years and it works for me, but you dont hear me rubbishing Radio DJ or any of the others.
New 23:38
Exactly James, we have been here before many times, People use what fits them and theres no need to to rubbish what other people use all the time. Just because it didnt work for you RDUser, there is no need to rubbish it.
New 07:56
I tried Zara long before I discovered RadioDJ and i thought it was awful when I first tried it. It just didn't work for me
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Everyone has a choice as to what radio automation software they use. There are positives and negatives for all software, and more often than not people prefer software over others as it suits their individual needs. No need to divert this discussion into a debate guys.
New 22:25
Youve been doing it ever since you joined this forum, we know your a RadioDJ cheerleader
New 22:21
There is nothing wrong with Zara Radio, RDUser why do you always rubbishing every other automation software ?
New 11:49
Question has to be why are you using Zara? Its an awful program
New 01:03
@DJboutit as mentioned by @RDJUser, Wouldn't that question best be asked on the forum itself?
New 20:23
Zara Radio users here I need a little help??
New 12:11
Ho Hum!
New 15:08
Wouldn't these question best be asked on the forum itself? You still haven't answered why you're using such huge playlists.
New 23:36
Anybody here use VST plugins I need help with one plugin??
New 09:25
Why are you using such big playlists?
New 18:35
Anybody know a good free alternative to Radioboss and Zararadio that will take a 20K+ track playlist and is easy to use what do you recommend??
New 03:22
Hi asianpopradio. I recommend making a new post in the forums to receive help We keep thje chatbox to small talk only.
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hello, i need help :(
New 13:50
Cough Cough Cough @ GK I started the year off with a flu like virus the cough took 3 weeks to shift.
New 05:09
For sale = The FLU
New 14:24
New 14:24
Radio ain't what it used to....
New 18:42
dont seem to hear really deep late night voices anymore..miss them..from debbie
New 10:17
Just hearing on the grapevine that Nicecast for Mac is being discontinued doesn't leave Mac users with many software choices now
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