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New 10:49
Uh Oh... https://cxsecurity.com/issue/WLB-2018080085 (don't shoot the messenger)
New 15:36
The royalty fees in the UK are much cheaper than in the US.
New 09:29
And NO i'm not streaming illgally I only ever stream my music to our Chromecast these days for personal pleasure.
New 09:09
Little wonder you have so many Pirate stations out there...
New 09:04
The music royalty fee's are only going to get worse - all in the name of artist compensation . . .
New 08:14
That's no surpise the fees for online broadcasting have gone up too much for some stations to afford
New 18:45
Been quiet for months .. a ton of broadcasters have shut down their stations.
New 15:06
Cor its quiet...
New 13:16
OH Dear yet again got someone thinking RadioDJ is my software... Erm No I don't code software!
New 09:02
Certain people think they can magic FM licences from thin air... Oh Dear
New 09:42
Some people really know how to burn bridges
New 07:25
Update for RadioDJ few minor fixes.
New 08:34
RadioDJ has been released **Happy dance**
New 09:04
I can't get over just how stupid some people seem to be
New 13:41
AFAIK they're being investigated anyhow...
New 13:20
Unless Beyonce and Rhianna have done a 360
New 13:20
New 13:20
Can't say the list of songs in his SAM Broadcaster seem royalty free
New 12:42
I shouldn't laugh but great comeback on twitter James
New 12:24
Managed to get MySQL8 running with RadioDJ in legacy mode but it was a pain to get it running.
New 08:14
I think I'm sticking with MariadB its nowhere near as fiddly to setup as Oracle's MySQL server
New 01:29
Was a pain for me setting it up on my new mac last weekend, had to revert to 7 and use legacy encryption :(
New 09:40
Looks like MySQL 8 is going to be a pain to try and work with Arrgghh!
New 23:36
Clowns mean party time or maccas
New 17:05
Who's The Clowns? I don't see any clowns. Anyone else see clowns?
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