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New 15:53
@James can you make the topic about RadioDJ v2.0.0. sticky please updates seem to be happening a lot so far this release.
New 15:33
@James : The question made by SmoothJazz is solved
New 14:46
@James how do we edit our station listing? can't find link
New 17:02
Listen to our music ... It sounds a lot better than the name of our station !!
New 14:33
I need a slogan for my reggae radio station called Riddim fm! Any help will gladly be welcomed
New 13:28
You too GK!
New 18:11
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow BW members ! Enjoy and have a great time
New 02:16
The issue was caused by us moving to https (about time), the login page is a static page which was still stuck on http. So the login handshake never completed. All fixed now though!
New 01:45
Shoutcaststreaming : I suppose the server was in Holiday mode in between XMas and NYE LOL
New 00:45
Login wasn't working yesterday, but it's working today .. FYI.
New 00:10
* James checks in
New 05:31
Been writing up a big article on the state of internet radio in 2018, keep an eye out
New 00:20
Still working on the main site though. Some things are still broken
New 00:19
New 00:19
Let me know if you expieruence any issues with the updated look forums
New 12:48
Christmas present from Marius to all the RadioDJ users... RadioDJ v2.0.0 is available.
New 09:35
Hello, I'm new
New 16:53
Snowy White has visited my place. It looks great snow everywhere Love it !
New 12:27
Time to get this place back on track
New 05:18
Hi, I'm new
New 01:22
Thanks James. I noticed that post already
New 22:29
New 14:33
Whats wrong with the index page ? The complete layout is out of order ...
New 06:05
* James drops by
New 21:14
I'm completely new to using SAM Boardcaster, so please forgive me for my ignorance. I'm using SAM Broadcaster PRO, running on a Windows 10 computer. I bought a Benhringer Xyenx 1622 usb mixer and I've want to connect my mixer to SAM. I've figured out how to communicate the audio that I'm running off of SAM to my mixer, however I can't seem to figure out how to get my mixer to communicate with SAM -- meaning, when I speak with my microphone (which is, obviously, connected to my mixer) I can't get SAM to pick up the audio coming from my microphone or rather my mixer. What am I doing wrong?
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