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New 03:08
Im wondering if this has anything to do with the CRB's revision ( Part 370 ) where they changed the term "Eligible Minimum Fee Webcaster" from "Minimum Fee Broadcaster" I havent dug into the reading yet, but seen little blips about it. Maybe good things are coming....?
New 01:28
I cant see them having a revival unless they had something worth showing. Something big. After the purge I dont forsee a big consumer audience unless they are planning something unexpected.
New 01:26
http://live365.com/ James, might be something to look into.
New 01:25
If you guys dont pay attention, you might miss the ace up the sleeve of the person you least suspect.
New 12:50
Works for me. I like it! It does appear to be just a static page at first since the mouse arrow doesn't change to indicate that you are hovering over a button...but the buttons do work for me just fine.
New 02:21
Just a static page. Lets us know when you are finished and have a working demo.
New 18:15
hello guys can you check out myradiotuner.com and give me some feedback on it
New 16:21
Guess who's back?! :D
New 14:39
Now streaming all day www.kroffirecords.com worldwide connect.
New 14:36
I have my radio station streaming on Winamp and going well but can't set up live broadcast/interviews yet...i appreciate your input on this. Thanks!
New 19:13
Hey guys - if you could please view my new thread on 'Internet Radio Discussion' about syndication that would really help! Thanks
New 11:08
New domain extension: www.hollandspalet.stream (extension --> .stream)
New 13:55
Mixcloud. I can really get into this. Im suprized I didnt try this a long time ago.....
New 15:05
Heyup Peeps
New 05:37
Here is a stumper for ya. Can anyone define what is a ASCAP music session actually is? A cold beer on me to anyone who can give me the answer.
New 19:06
no problem, glad it helped you guys
New 21:04
Yep. Been wondering how to sort that one for ages. Cheers PB.
New 22:54
That worked a treat, Thanks PapaBear. Book a jar of honey to my account.
New 08:38
That's because the "Remember Me" option is not on the main login screen. I got around that by intentionally failing the login. It brings you to an error page where you can login again. Only this time, the "Remember Me" option is available...since then, no more problem...
New 16:21
Yes, me also.
New 22:50
Does anyone else have to logon each time you come to the site, started for me just over a week ago.
New 02:35
Radionomy sucks, that's why.
New 11:51
New 11:51
Its a little past due, radionomy geolocked tunein streams from the US. Called it
New 01:22
Kia ora koutou katoa!
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