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The Printable View looks good, can you make the pages look like that?
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just lol
New 01:10
James I juse sent you a PM. You need to read it
New 01:08
And we NEEDED to shift over to the new version, our old forum was getting hacked weekly behind the scenes and it was because of the old, outdated software we were using
New 01:08
GKR, that was one of the problems we had when shifting over to the new software.
New 01:07
Need to remove the IFrames in the posts
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New 22:06
Hi Johny
New 21:08
Hi Bill
New 21:02
Is there a way to change the page size, I now have to scoll the page for every line in a post.
New 19:22
ALL mp3 and wav files are dissappeard !!! What about that ? And the donate button is also gone ! OLD version was easier pffff
New 19:18
I finaly have send my answer to Saint ... with a delay of 4 days :(
New 18:43
I like the new look
New 16:45
Hi Arfa
New 16:45
What happened to the mp3files? I can't view them on any post
New 13:01
Another prob?site not accepting mp3 format as attachment?
New 07:55
ill fix that now arfa!
New 07:27
but, sadly.... it doesn't KEEP that setting if you come back to the site- not in FFX anyway! :-(
New 07:22
you have to do that actually in one of the sub-categories, then the rest all set themselves to that same setting btw
New 07:15
helps if you select the "last post" header, then the order sorts itself out properly
New 07:04
Well.... I may be on my own, but I thought it was much better before! Still, what do I know
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New 05:58
not cool
New 05:58
Only thing is we have lost all the attachments :(
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