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Allright, fixed up the stations splash page and the results pages. Hope it looks good!
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looks lol
New 17:22
The Station page look great thanks to Jame's sleepless nights
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Thanks James ... Appreciated !
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Aaaaand... we're back up.
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I may hope the Stations section gonna be back available asap :(
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True that. Sorry about Dallas this year. I thought they had that game against the chargers at halftime.
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Not as great a season as the Seahawks are having!
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Not a bad season
New 07:30
So, how about them Chargers?
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@garybaldy72uk We're not advertising on BW forum without permission..and we didn't know that that radio are registered to this forum.. btw Merry Chritmas and close this flame
New 21:27
Rules on the RDJ forums states that advertising is only allowed with permission. you never asked, therefore what you posted was SPAM.
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and protect your email with antispamm from your site
New 20:06
No we just said that could be a possibility.. we have more than 1200 registered users.. after this message i checked alternativehd in our mail history and i found your email. For a single email're making all this noise? Enjoy your Christmas
New 20:00
@hostingshoutcast - So now you admit you were lying about us being a registered client. Sending unsolicited email is prohibited and we have filed a complaint with Gmail.
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@garybaldy72uk We serve more than 500 radios right now.. everyone is free to choose the streaming provider
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We're not spamming on the forum adn we are respecting all the forum Rules. Just to be clear.. we found your contact here: http://alternativehd.com/home/?page_id=2
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Just had to kick him from the RDJ forums for spamming as well. Hosting shoutcast no one wants your sevices be told! Merry christmas.
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@James - Sent
New 17:27
@hostingshoutcast - We have never been a client nor a registered user .. and we will never will be !! You just spammed, period.
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AlternatveHD we usually send always Chritmas Promo to all clients registered to our site, if you are a registered user reply to the email and we'll delete your clients account
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