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  1. You know that golden rule in radio... 'Always treat every microphone as live'! Joking aside (well, it wasn't a joke, but...), it's never good to hear of things going wrong like that. I imagine they said some keywords without realising and that's what happened, like pocket dialling with your mobile phone. My Google Assistant on my Android phone randomly says "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that" meaning that it was probably listening the whole time... I have three Amazon devices sat in front of me at the desk and every now and then the blue lights will start up and I wonder what it's doing. The first word that sounds anything like 'Alexa' and it's like an attention seeking puppy with a ball! At least they've stopped her giggling randomly at night!
  2. Definitely agree on that one, I haven't touched the FM on my car for ages, the mobile infrastructure is now so good (even in rural areas) that I listen to low bandwidth AAC+ stations in the car all the time. Why be limited to what is on FM when you have the world at your fingertips?!
  3. Not quite. It is the skill name that you must 'enable' on the device. You do this either from the Alexa app/website OR you can enable it directly by asking Alexa to enable it for you. This uses the skill name (not invocation name) which may or may not be different to the invocation name. For example, your skill name may be 'MyInternetRadioStation' but its invocation name could be something entirely different (though not recommended as Amazon may reject it if it is too different). No, you can have the same invocation name, this is because the user must first enable the skill on their device. So if there are two different stations with the same name, it will only play the one that you have first enabled on your device. So in your example... - One in Europe at "MyInternetRadioStation.co.uk" - One in America at "MyInternetRadioStation.com" If you have not enabled either of them on your device, the command 'Alexa, play "MyInternetRadioStation" will 'do its best' to find what you are looking for. If you have enabled one of them, it will play the one you have enabled. If you installed the other one (instead, not both) it would play that one. If you enabled both of them, it would struggle to understand what you wanted. You can actually train Alexa from your Alexa app to help it (her?) understand what you wanted if it gets it wrong. To add to this, invocation names are different to the skill names (as appear on the Amazon site) and they (Amazon) also allow duplicate names there. So, at the moment, duplicate names and invocation names are allowed. There are some interesting debates within the Alexa developer groups about whether or not this should continue...
  4. Hi JohnDrake, yes, that's pretty much it... In fairness, if you DO NOT have your own Alexa skill, your station may still be found on TuneIn and therefore the listener might reach your station. Listeners still have to 'enable' the skill on their device before it will work. This can be done by a simple 'Alexa, enable MyInternetRadioStation' skill'. There are other benefits of having your own Alexa Skill which, depending on your provider, may include : - You choose the invocation name (the command for Alexa to play your station, typically 'Alexa, play MyInternetRadioStation', but you can customize it. - Easy access to update your internet streams (should you change providers). - Ability to configure a main and backup stream. (Amazon may remove skills that do not work correctly). - Listener statistics and maps(to see how many people are using your skill and where from). Different providers may provide a different set of features. Happy to answer any further questions.
  5. Hi JohnDrake, apologies for the direct plug of our services, but we offer Mobile Apps that do not insert adverts and, as they are a paid for service, no not include popup adverts (unless you enable them and you'd keep 100% of the revenue). Links in my signature. There are, of course, other vendors. Thank you.
  6. In no particular order: - Good content (music/shows). - Professional presentation. - Submit to all available directories (TuneIn, Shoutcast.com, etc... there are loads). - Good quality, reliable streaming. - Engage with listeners (on air, social media, etc...) And the most important thing... Hard work and dedication! You can't just launch a station and expect listeners to flock to it. There are thousands of stations out there, all competing for listeners. What are YOU going to do that is different and attract listeners? As a personal opinion, I think that at the moment there are so many stations out there that you are better off with a niche genre and really concentrate on it. The more generic stations playing 'a bit of everything' have to work harder for listeners while if you cater for a specific genre and do it well, you're more likely to attract a loyal listenership. Again, this is just my personal opinion, but the above points are valid for all stations.
  7. Hi RDJUser, No, I meant what would be required in the .txt file, what data and in what format should it be? Thanks.
  8. Hello JohnDrake, thank you for linking to our page. We do indeed provide this service. Rather than take the post over with a load of sales related stuff, I'll monitor the thread and answer any questions anyone may have about this service or Alexa in general. Thank you.
  9. What format would the text file require? Could you mock up an example? Also, where would the file need to be outputted to? Local (on your machine)?
  10. I like the https://shoutbox.widget.me/ one, very lightweight, nice and simple, may use that on a couple of my sites.
  11. Interesting, as you say it looks like it is for hosting audio, rather than live streams. Good quota though of 1GB per week (on the free plan). Maybe good for podcasts, syndicated shows, etc...
  12. If you are not able to code it yourself, we offer a paid-for service that allows you to post your songs to Twitter. See signature.
  13. I remember years ago writing a small bit of software in Visual Basic to grab Shoutcast stats from three of our streams and presenting them in the corner of a screen, was written for Windows based PC's. Wonder if there is still a need for that...
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