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  1. Nothing is easy without a definitive plan that outlines all the concepts. Project planning - even on a small scale requires a lot of research, input and analysis. I never said it would be easy - all it requires is a plan that is very well organized and researched.
  2. I have preached this till i am blue in the face. If you had a rock solid business plan - i am sure that you could create a online funding drive and get supporters. What needs to be done is create an entity for non commercial radio stations - and license them as part of the group. Non commercial stations ( i believe ) get a decent discount as part of a group.
  3. Keep us informed of your progress !
  4. I would avoid them like the plague. They "claim" to be paying licensing fees - but they have not paid any licensing fees for over a year. I say good riddance to a despicable lot.
  5. EQ can improve the clarity of the human voice or reduce some unwanted characteristics picked up in the original recording. EQ can be very complex, but non-technicians don’t have to understand the entire subject to use it to their benefit. Just a few minor EQ tweaks can make major improvements in voice quality. https://www.thebroadcastbridge.com/home/category/audio/entry/10540/basic-eq-for-broadcast-voices
  6. You can do test transmissions based on various EQ settings to see how the audio quality and clarity goes.
  7. Welcome To Broadcasting World!
  8. Welcome to Broadcasting World
  9. Welcome to Broadcasting World
  10. When you say a TV Service - are you talking about steaming video over the Internet ?
  11. Welcome To BW. Lots of great information and resources here
  12. Very Nice Work I hope that the tool will be MULTI platform supported ;)
  13. OBS * may * have the ability to multiplex both analog and digital data.
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