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  1. Hey, Not sure if your still looking for streaming websites, but I just wanted to say that I have had good luck on a streaming site called Camup. Been there about a year now and love it. Can't beat the customization options it offers for customizing your channel as well. https://www.camup.tv/ is the link if your interested.
  2. I use Mcafee Anti Virus Software, the 20 dollar one. It gets the job done, have used Mcafee for years on various pcs and always protects them all and keeps them from getting viruses.
  3. Honestly, I have run a home owned station for years with a minium budget of 20 to 30 dollars year, yeah I know very cheap, but I have been running it with nothing more then a laptop, cheap microphone and stereo mix for years. I have used combinations of Spotify, Youtube, CD'S and a few mp3 and a few donated Sam Broadcaster Softwares for years. If they tried to make someone pay to play music that is offered to public to softwares on a streaming platform I pay nothing to use, damn I would go pirate in a second. You know the music industry is one of the only ones to still be trying to tighten copyright and laws around. The movie industry finally realized that if people want it, they will find a way to get it, so they finally evolved and used the web to their advantage, they came up with a way to legally allow people to download movies to their devices. The movie industry is making tons of money this way, they got smart. Yet the music industry still wants to keep making laws tighter and tighter. When will they ever smarten up like the movie industry?
  4. Honestly, I like the auto DJ sytsem of Sam Broadcaster, I mean I am sure there are much better out there, but just I am ok with using I suppose. :D
  5. If you want it secured so only people with a password have it, just create a website and make it password protected and hand the password out to people you want to have it.
  6. Hi, I'm Brandon_g... I've been a BW member for a while.... but life had forced me off the web for close to a year. I am now returning to the web and BW. I am glad to be back. thanks-brandon_g
  7. There are people on this forum who work for spacial net where sam bc is made from... they can give you great offers on getting sam cheap.
  8. Welcome atc... it must feel good to live right down the road from disney world... the sad part is you guys get all them damn hurricanes, other wise your a pretty state
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