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  1. Ben, are you asking about streaming radio for your own broadcasts, or for listening pleasure?
  2. You pay $6k a year to have music in your establishment. Did they say what source the music was coming from? A hired DJ or streaming service? What are the rules for creating Mash-Ups or Remixes of songs?
  3. Do we know if these rules affect Podcasters or Online Radio broadcasters? Is there a difference in the eyes of the law?
  4. Absolutely! The Ramsomware situation is getting worse, and has recently come back to Flash Browsers with a vengeance. Great message, RDJUser!
  5. Awesome resource. Thanks for putting this all in once place!
  6. Wonderful resources here. Thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Bumping this as well. Need classic vocal group count down sounds for a broadcast. Really hoping for a nostalgic, or retro feel.
  8. I have been using Sound Forge for simple audio editing, and Reaper for my multi-track production demos. The challenge for me has been Mastering software. Been eyeing Ableton Live or Pro Tools, but that's a mighty budget swing for me at the moment.
  9. Do they have classic count down bumpers? Perhaps for a Top Ten bit? Looking for a resource with similar concepts.
  10. Just a quick hello to everyone. Coming to you from Seattle. Hoping to gain some valuable insight, perhaps share my ideas and thoughts. Been a DJ for a long time, and am hoping to rekindle my passion for broadcasting, sound design, and production. Cheers!
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