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  1. How do you envision this looking? An email sent to an email address after filling in a form? Or that your radio automation software automatically inserts it into the rotation? The former will be easy to do, the latter will be much harder and more expensive (it also depends on your radio automation software).
  2. Hey ultra89, We appreciate you around here, we appreciate every member equally. No individual member can speak on behalf of our members or volunteers, just remember that. Wish you the best in life, keep up your passion for radio and keep in touch with your progress if you ever decide to share your knowledge with us again. For any member of BW suffering from mental health issues lately, please check your local government's mental health support website. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/ https://www.mentalhealth.gov/get-help/immediate-help Cheers, James
  3. Interesting, licensing is quite complex particularly in the online space (since worldwide licensing providers have different terms and opinions). Local licensing is very straightforward in the US (and most other countries), which is why there aren't "one station fits all" solutions like Live365 for local stations. I know the owner of Live365 personally, and I very much doubt that he or any of his staff have 'cut corners'. It doesn't even make any sense, you either pay royalties to licensing bodies or you don't, there's no corners to be cut. Fact is: If you broadcast from the USA (on a USA IP address), with listeners in the US, Live365 will cover you. Nothing misleading there. As for having listeners in other countries, that's the grey area. Licensing bodies in other countries seem to encroach on licensing requirements (e.g. a listener from the U.K requires a PPL/PRK license, even if you are broadcasting from the US). As for whether that's legally binding or not is another question, it has certainly never been challenged in a court, and is unlikely to be. Funny thing is that PRS covers you globally (source), downside is, you need to be broadcasting from a UK IP address. As you can tell, it's all very complex for internet streaming. The good thing is that it's slowly adapting and changing. Go back 10 years and it would appear as a war between music licensing bodies worldwide, with emails being sent to you from licensing bodies around the world demanding you pay royalties (source: I ran an internet radio station and have plenty of those emails). Either way, don't scare new broadcasters. Live365 is a great solution for an all-in-one licensing solution when broadcasting in the USA.
  4. How much would you be willing to spend for this kind of thing? I am thinking of adding it to Broadcast Launch (https://broadcastlaunch.com/).
  5. Hey Harry! I am also from Australia, which state are you in? Great to have you on board.
  6. I don't think such a thing exists for public use. I Google'd myself and found nothing. I have created a system for a radio station myself which has the ability but im unable to disclose that code as the radio station paid for it.
  7. Looks like it's shutting down... http://www.streamlicensing.com/
  8. Is it just me or is there no mention anywhere of the licensing bodies covered anymore (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC etc..)?
  9. I am going to assume its just a simple error (getting some website misconfiguration errors by nginx), but it wouldn't be surprising to see them bail either...
  10. Excellent, found this bug a bit annoying!
  11. It's certainly being played more here in Australia, although we do have a lot of Korean migrants. Funnily enough most other South East Asian countries love K-Pop even though it's not in their language.
  12. Stop bumping old topics, this one is nearly 5 years old. Just a reminder that you are on your last infraction before a permanent ban.
  13. 100% correct, their infrastructure lacks the quality and reliability (as demonstrated these past few months), not to mention the expertise. Radionomy and SC are relatively new to the streaming server game.
  14. I think they will advertise their 'automation system' as a key feature. Most stream hosts use Centova Cast or a similar system (which is not a bad system, it is industry leading for a reason), but those with gripes with Centova would most likely see the SHOUTcast offering as another alternative.
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