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  1. Haha Ok thanks guys for your responses I do appreciate! I know Radionomy/ShoutCast seems a little funny to me. Thank you very much for you input!
  2. Thank you for your response. Well I am on a icecast server with a shoutcast ported on the back end. It was just showing my station for about 2 + months in the shoutcast directory. Every now and then yes it would disapear and I tell my host and they usually fix it. Right now it's in the news category. It should be in Latin, Latin rap/ hip hop direcotry. I contacted my host Empire Streaming they say Shoutcast is aware of the issue. It just seems very weird that this type of bug you would let linger if your business is Internet Radio streams. But I don't know. Any ideas?
  3. https://live365.com This is interesting!
  4. Hello, Anyone know of a bug in shoutcast that does not list your stream in correct genre? I find it odd Radionomy/Shoutcast can't list station correctly. I am just wondering if this is a know issue anyone else knows about? Thank you
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